Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Look for in a Home Improvement and Remodeling Contractor?
6e4326_1d7172cbf26f2ce30eeb61fe057ede39Look for a home improvement contractor who specializes in the type of project you are interested in. A contractor who is familiar with your type of project will understand important issues, such as the material specifications and the scheduling required to finish the job within your timetable. A well-established home improvement contractor should also have an in-depth structural knowledge of the homes in your community. The more familiar a contractor is with your style of home, the better equipped he is to deal with structural issues that may arise during construction. Also, a contractor who is familiar with the structure of your home can give you a more reliable estimate than a contractor who is not familiar with your type of home. A contractor should also be able to tell you what products and materials he would likely use for your project. He should also offer you several options when selecting products, materials, and techniques.
Why Is it Important to Get a Contract in Writing?
Without a written contract for your home improvement project, there is no way to ensure that your expectations of product, installation, project scope and pricing are being met.
Ask the contractor to clarify the proposal. Ask lots of questions and each contractor the same questions for consistency. Insist upon a written proposal. Examine it to make sure you think it is complete and fair. Do not settle for an oral agreement on any of the work to be performed. Have the contractor document all points clearly in writing.
Is the Coverup Enclosures Price I Have Been Quoted the Final Price, or Are There Any Other Charges Involved?
The price you have been quoted is the price you will pay. CoverUp Enclosures does not believe in hiding anything from you. However, nobody will be able to determine the condition of hidden elements of your home. For example, if there are any rotted or damaged framing members concealed in your walls, CoverUp Enclosures does not simply cover up and conceal these items from you. You will be given the opportunity to personally inspect these areas and you will be given a price for repairs before you ever incur any charges. There will never be any surprise charges that you have not been made aware of and have not authorized.
What Kind of Warranty Does Coverup Enclosures Offer?
We meet and often exceed all manufacturer’s specifications thereby insuring that all your products that we install will be backed by the manufacturer’s full warranty.
Does CoverUp Enclosures Have Insurance?
Yes, CoverUp Enclosures is fully licensed as required by the State of Michigan. If you wish, you will be provided a copy of our Certificate of Insurance. You are encouraged to call the phone number listed on that certificate to verify coverage.
When Will My Home Improvement Project Start and How Long Does it Take to be Completed?
A representative from CoverUp Enclosures will meet with you and go over every step of the project to confirm exactly what is going to be done. You will know everything from material and equipment delivery dates, to when each and every phase will start and be completed.