Room Additions

At CoverUp Enclosures, they understand that adding a room to your home can be very stressful. While an addition will add value to your house, it is also a major project that requires careful planning, including cost estimation. They will help you determine the project’s design, including the style of ceiling, flooring, trim, fixtures, etc. You will want to choose materials that blend well with your existing home, and CoverUp Enclosures can guide you in this as well. From the beginning stages of planning the addition to the final finishing touches, you will be impressed by the knowledge and experience of CoverUp Enclosures.

Sometimes the fine line between a house and a dream house is just a matter of living space. CoverUp Enclosures can make this a reality for you.

Quality of Life

More space means more room…which means a better quality of life for you.  Make it possible by figuring out what kind of room you want to add and how it will be utilized.  CoverUp Enclosures can walk you through this every step of the way

Great Ideas

CoverUp Enclosures will help you from planning right through implementation and the final phases.  They will share ideas and insight on the best way to use the space available for your new addition.

Added Value

It’s a seller’s market right now… but even if you are not currently selling your home, an addition on your house will make it more valuable in the future when you decide to list it.  An added bonus is that you get to enjoy it now!

Free Estimates

There is no obligation.  CoverUp Enclosures will be happy to offer you consultation and a free estimate for your project.  They can discuss planning strategies and materials, as well as your own budget concerns.

Why Wait?

Life is short.  CoverUp Enclosures can make your dreams come true now.