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Curb Appeal

New siding can convert your house from drab to WOW.  CoverUp Enclosures is your siding expert, and representatives boast over 50 combined years of experience.

Low Maintenance

Paint is expensive and continual.  You will find yourself asking, “Didn’t we just paint this?”  You won’t do that with siding.

A Valuable Decision

Siding increases the value of your home.  Maybe you are not considering selling it right now, but should you suddenly decide to sell your house this is just one more feature that will help you get a higher price.

Styles & Colors

Representatives at CoverUp Enclosures will help guide you in choosing a style and color that you love.  Not only will you be amazed at the choices available, but you will be more amazed at the transformation of your home once you decide that siding is for you.

Premium Products & Extensive Experience

In addition to the 50+ years of experience as a siding installer, CoverUp Enclosures uses only trusted premium products.  You can put your trust in them when making your remodeling decisions.